Communication and Keeping in touch can be a challenge but with Friendsah we aspire to make the experience better for you.

The story of Friendsah is unique. With research from family and friends Steward saw a need to help people keep in touch with each other. The concept of keeping in touch is not new as people since the beginning with adam and eve desired friendship and keeping in touch.  What Friendsah aspires to do will move the needle in a better direction for people who use the app.

Life is busy and for the most part, people either go with the flow or try to be more organized. How do you be more organized but not overkill? Friendsah. With the advance of AI our goal is to use it in such a way to where it works behind the scenes of the human experience so we can be better communicators.

Friendsah is an app and a lot more, we’re building infrastructure to give users a one of a kind experience.