We’ll talk about several features that make Friendsah unique to subscribers and friends of subscribers.

A really important feature of Firendsah is we don’t share or sell your data. Who you know is your business not anyone else’s.

Artificial intelligence as your assistant

Life for many people seems really busy. Add one additional task to your plate and what happens? Some adapt and continue to push forward while others leave something behind. The AI that will power Friendsah will be designed to make the experience of keeping in touch with your inner circle and those outside of it more seamless.

A calendar built with you in mind

Your calendar is essential, it’s how you’re able to stay organized with all that’s going on in your life. The Friedsah calendar is being designed so that is resourceful, unique, and helpful to its user.

Gain points for completing tasks you setup

Everything has value to it even if others disagree. It’s all about the big picture of your life and when you complete tasks you set up you’re making progress. Emptying the trash? 2 points. Talking with your cousin for 20 minutes? 15 points. Meeting a loved one in person to fellowship? 25 points. We strive to help you see all that you’re doing has value.

These are just some of the ideas we have and we have many more in store. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch and learn about more features to come.